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Feral Children

The Delphos Wolf Girl - A Possible UFO Connection?

Delphos, KansasThe following 'Wolf Girl' / UFO case was in the end proved to be simple hoax perpetrated by local kids, though it is included here to illustrate the severe limitations of anecdotal claims as evidence of 'psychic powers' and strange goings-on.

In July 1974, at least four people claimed to have seen a child of about ten or twelve years old, with blonde, matted hair and wearing tattered red clothing, running through vines and bushes in a wooded district on the north-west edge of Delphos, a small town in Kansas. One witness described encountering the girl during a search for her; she didn't speak but only growled at him before running off. Children had also seen the 'girl' eating out of cat and dog dishes

About 7.30 am in the morning of 22 July, Mrs. Joe Stout saw the child in a shed on an unoccupied, overgrown lot. She came face-to-face with 'her' sitting on a picnic table only five or six feet away. She wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl, except that it was wearing a red dress. It made an odd gurgling sound when she tried to get closer and then jumped down from the picnic table and disappeared through a small hole in the wall. Mrs. Stout thought the child was definitely human and not deformed, although it ran on all fours.  She described it as about the size of a six year old, with a horseshoe shaped scar running from its right eye to its mouth. She denied the possibility that it was a monkey or other primate.

Mrs. Stout said she saw the child for the second time around 4 pm, and again about 8.30 pm the same day. During a late-night search of the area, Mr Stout was scratched on the shoulder and a neighbour, a teeenager called Kevin Marsh, was scratched on the throat from behind. Both only got a glimpse of their diminutive assailant.

The sheriff of Ottawa County, Leonard Simpson, organised a posse to search the area, but they found no trace that anyone or anything had been there..Residents also reported chasing the girl through milo fields, but officers sent to search the area found no trace of the wild girl. On Tuesday evening the girl was reported by a resident to be inside a shed. Officers and about 35 residents surrounded the shed, but they found nothing. 

Although sheriff Simpson was sure that people had seen something, he wasn't convinced it was a child. He suggested that  the reports could have been caused by the large amount of cats and dogs running loose in the area (!). No children had been reported missing anywhere in the state, and without any new evidence Simpson announced that he'd closed the case.

According to Simpson, although most people who thought they saw something had, for some reason, changed their story by the next day when asked to give statements, the Stouts, Kevin Marsh and another teenager, Doug Kaiser, maintained that they had seen a little girl. People living in the area were afraid of what 'she or it' might do next, and parents of young children told The Wichita Eagle that they were either keeping their children indoors or well within sight.

Despite the scepticism of some, those who saw something strongly believed it was a child. Mrs. Stout was convinced she saw a child. She said objects in the shed, including dolls from a collection formerly kept in barrels along with some clothes, had been moved during the night, although she didn't see or hear anyone near the shed. When she first saw the child she noticed that someone had lined the dolls up on the picnic table and covered them with pieces of cloth.

Newspapers in the area dubbed the mysterious child the 'wolf girl', but there were no more reports and no trace of her was ever found. 

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